Day 9: The World’s Most Prophetic Book – Part 3c

The evidence you never heard.

Bible References (NIV)


Today we conclude the topic of prophecy by looking at an amazing prediction from the Bible about WHEN the Messiah would come.

The Book of Daniel is one of the most loved books of the Bible due to its many predictions. The purpose of many of these is to give us a ‘big picture overview’ of what is going to happen in the future. However, there are many very detailed predictions also. The Scripture you just read from Daniel 9 is an example.

The video clip you’re about to watch explains this Scripture — so I won’t repeat the details here. I only want to note that, while some claim a perfectly accurate fulfilment, in this case I can’t prove that to you. I note this because honesty around details is important — while I also don’t want to confuse you. This prediction may well have been 100% accurate in its timing, but we are now living another 2000 years later on. As in the video, there are four timing options. However, what’s of note is that in even the ‘worst scenario’ with this prediction — which crosses a period of 500 years and is also clearly written in poetic format (to note that) — this still undeniably takes us to Jesus which is the whole point! In all scenarios it’s miraculous. With thousands of years to choose from Daniel makes a prediction that ends up having a starting point almost 100 years after his own death, that then spans almost 500 years — to show us who the Messiah is — and we find ourselves looking at Jesus!

What then is the purpose of the prophecies we see fulfilled in the Scriptures? What do they tell us?

Firstly, God is outside of time. They evidence something of who God is. He isn’t a material being, confined to time, space and matter. He is instead the timeless, spaceless, non-material one — who created time, space and matter. As Genesis 1:1 puts it, “In the beginning” (time) “God made the heavens” (space) “and the Earth” (matter).

Secondly, God’s hand is behind the Bible. Like in the Bible verses you read again from 2 Peter 1, God must have inspired the hearts and minds of those who wrote the books of the Bible to achieve what we have. We therefore have, in the Bible, a unique ‘revelation’ of what God is like.

Thirdly, despite the evil and suffering of our world, the fulfilled predictions show us that God does still have a plan and is in control. Put differently, there is hope! God isn’t freaking out, as if he had lost control of his creation. Despite our evils, God has a plan that is still going to work. So, when The Bible tells us about the final judgement, and the end that then comes to all suffering and evil — there is a basis for believing this.

It’s an amazing gift. There is a God. There is a plan — and there is therefore a reason to live with hope no matter our circumstances!

Video clip: The World’s Most Prophetic Book – Part 3c — 4mins

Reflection questions

  • With evidence we just looked at considered, why might some sceptics still suggest that no Biblical predictions has ever been fulfilled as a miracle?
  • In noting again how many of the predictions have pointed to Jesus, what is the significance of this?
  • What do the predictions in the Bible mean to you?

For prayer

“Thank you, God, for including things in your book that simply blow our minds when studied. We are humbled in our scepticism and stand amazed.”

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